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Outfit Tips and Advice for Photo Session

With your portrait session right around the corner, here are a few basic pointers and tips on how to go about dressing your family in a way that will photograph beautifully!

1. Pick a color scheme
When it comes to family photos, you will want to aim to have a range of 2-3 colors that complement each other. This will help provide variety and prevent everyone from blending in with one another and looking too plain overall. Gone are the days of everyone wearing the same white collared shirt!
If you plan on hanging wall art in your home, perhaps draw some inspiration for a color scheme from there as well. Some sample color schemes that work well for winter: navy/gray/white, brown/cream/blue, red/gray, red/white/black, gray/black/white, gray/yellow, creams paired with a jewel tone (ie: magenta, emerald green)

2. Watch out for too many patterns or graphic tees.
While picking something such as gingham or checked button down shirt really helps bring variety and pop to your photos, be careful of mixing too many patterns together as they may potentially clash with one another. While having one member in plaid and another in stripes of either the same color tone or complementary color, avoid having every family member in a pattern as it may become too distracting. Keep photos that will soon be put up on your walls classic and timeless by avoiding graphic tees.

3. Think textures and layers
With the temperatures continuing to drop, this is the perfect time of year to take advantage of layers and textures. For instance, for boys this could be a sweater with a vest or a plain tee under a checked shirt. For girls this could mean a sweater and dress with tights, or something as simple as adding a knitted wool scarf for texture. If need be due to the cold, play it up by putting little ones in a dress coat or beautiful petticoat, fur-lined boots or hats, chunky scarves, etc.

4. Accessorize!
Accessories can really help tie a family photo together. For instance, having a younger brother in a red sweater vest with a sister wearing a gray dress and red belt and/or matching red hairbow helps bring the color scheme together without being too matchy.

Still need some ideas? Come visit the pinterest page to for other winter styled outfits