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Other Common Questions/What To Expect During & After a Senior Session

Final thoughts before my session?

Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free right before your session.  Have all your accessories put together so you don’t leave anything behind. Ladies, don’t forget to bring a brush or comb, or if you have lip gloss you’d like to re-apply.  A small mirror can sometimes come in handy.  Also bring yourself a bottle of water so you’re not feeling thirsty during your session.  Come ready to look great!

If I’m the parent(s), what is my role during the Senior Session?

I actually recommend parents to “hang back” during the session and let us go off and do our thing, especially if your Senior tends to be self-conscious when it comes to being photographed.  This way they will ultimately feel more comfortable and relaxed (rather than thinking about who may be watching) and will keep their focus on me, resulting in beautiful images.  However if your Senior is rather outgoing and doesn’t care who’s around, then feel free to tag along – but be prepared to become my “assistant” on the shoot!  Either way, they will be in good hands when working with me.

What should I expect once my session is over?

So your session is complete and now it’s time to wait and see the images!  We will schedule a follow-up selection and ordering meeting that will take place approximately 3 weeks after your Senior session so you can go through all your images.  I find that meeting in-person is the most productive way to go through your photos as I can help guide you through the selection process.  This way you will not be overwhelmed by all the images from your session and I can help determine what best suites your needs.  This is also the ideal time to be able to see and view the products available in person if you hadn’t already.  During the post meeting, you will be selecting and purchasing the images you want, so please review the Product Catalog prior to the meeting to start getting a sense of what you may possibly want to purchase.

What type of payments do you accept and how long will it take to receive my order?

Your order can be paid either by check (written to Erin Sheehan Photography) or by credit card.  Payment plans are available if needed by request.  Once full payment is received and completed, your prints and other products will take approximately 2-3 weeks to process and receive.

How long will my images be available to view in my private online gallery? 

After the ordering consult, photos will become available on a private online gallery for two weeks or the length of time stated if a collection is purchased.  Gallery can potentially be reactivated again if planning to order additional prints and products, such as graduation announcements later in the year.

Is your logo on prints and products I order?

No.  You will see the logo on the proofs in your online gallery, but this is only to help protect my work in digital form.  Any products or prints ordered will have the watermark removed.

Are the Facebook images copyrighted?

Yes.  Photographs being posted online will be watermarked and copyrighted.  If you purchase a Digital CD of images, you will also be receiving a web-version of your images that are allowed for sharing purposes.  You are welcome to share these on your own Facebook, but please do not remove the watermark and provide proper credit in the description.



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